A Terrible Portent, A Malevolent Force

The Grand Library
Adventure the first

The heroes were brought together in the Gatekeepers’ headquarters and given their first task: a trip to the Library. The Grand Library, a dimension in itself, outside the planes and outside of time, where every book that ever has or will be written are kept. However, this wealth of power attracts interlopers from across reality, and it is from these that the books in question must be taken. The first book is protected by a barbarian, who has spent hundreds of years studying its contents to hone his powers to those of the Godkiller, the semi-mythical figure the book is about. After attempting to negotiate for the book, the players are challenged to a fight by the barbarian, who gives up the book when they prove formidable. The second and third books are held in a room guarded by two incredibly fast “constructs”, aberrants barely held in this dimension by their force of will. The heroes find the Libris Illustri among the shelves, harnessing its power to banish the constructs from the Library and claiming the Spellbook of Boccob that they had been guarding. The fourth book was held in a gilded pillar at the end of a corridor. With the use of a magic bridge, all but one of the heroes get past the “statues” guarding the corridor (the unlucky one was held in an extraplanar space until the end of the encounter), solving the riddle to open the pillar and using the Recantations of the Gatekeepers to destroy the statues, finishing the adventure and cementing their place as epic heroes.

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